Xylocats™ NFT Collection

Greetings Earthling, you have arrived at the globally distributed real-time Non-Fungible Token (NFT) repository for all information known about the ancient space-dwelling mystical race known only as the Xylocats™ The first transmission burst from The Archeologist is currently available for minting.

Ancestral Archives

xylocat ancestral The Xylocat Ancestral NFT data stream is the initial burst of data received from The Archeologist. It has been archived on the Ethereum network for data stewards to mint new NFTs. Not much is known about the ancestors. They appear to lack the same technical abilities of the modern Xylocats™ however what they lack for in their technical ability they make up for in their god-like mystical abilities. They created the Xylocat™ homeworld but no one knows exactly where they came from or why they made the homeworld. Read more about the Xylocat™ Ancestral transmission.

Eclipse Transmission

xylocat eclipse The Xylocat Eclipse transmission is still being received from across the galaxy however the data stream is almost complete. This data package is almost 8 times as large as the ancestral collection and contains 10,000 NFT data packets. Once the transmission has been complete the NFT data packets can be minted on the ethreum blockchain for archival and decoding. Read more about the Xylocat™ Eclipse transmission.